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Mindfulness Approaches for Resilience and Healing.

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Applied Mindfulness & Intentional Change

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Awaken your Intuition, Heal, and Self-Actualize

Awaken your Intuition through Mindfulness approaches and practices, aimed at developing Intuition, Resiliency and Healing. Follow this guided, step-by-step video tutorial series, where you will learn both the concepts and the practices necessary to awaken your intuitive sense and to heal from painful memories and experiences. Once you have laid the foundation for developing internal resilience and healing practices, you will continue onward into exploring and addressing relationship challenges, offered in the course "Cult Fevers", where you will examine your relationships with others, groups, and the individuation process. Topping the course off with "Self-Actualize", you will learn to apply psychological principles and Mindfulness practices toward self-defined goals for change and Self-Actualization.



Develop present-moment awareness of your thoughts and emotions, while gaining mastery of your reactions and responses



Gain access to internal resources while learning to heal emotional, psychological and relational pain



Develop greater awareness of your roles in groups and relationships, mindfully attending to your needs while gaining access to your individuality within groups."



Identify your core principles and values and learn to integrate psychological principles of change and motivation toward Self-defined goals and needs."

About Us

Awaken Intuition & Self-Actualize is a set of four video tutorial courses complete with concepts and practices to learn and integrate into your life and personal development. The creator and teacher, Matthew Porter, is a Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, California. He offers individual video coaching in addition to the course videos to help tailor, integrate and apply the concepts and practices to your unique needs and goals

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Lisa Schwartz

Licensed Acupuncturist & Personal Coach, Los Angeles, California

I have learned so much taking the Awaken Intuition and Self Actualize courses. Matt guides you with his calming presence through each lesson, which helps embody the practice and theories quicker. I have tried many ways previously to engage in a mindfulness approach by reading material, but taking these courses with Matt made the theories come to life and become more meaningful. I am able to put things into practice more easily. I can't imagine being without it now & feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. I highly recommend taking all of the courses because each one is unique and will teach a different tool. I use all the tools Matt teaches in my daily life and it’s made a huge difference on my nervous system and how I navigate in the world.

From The Creator

Matthew Porter has been practicing psychotherapy in California as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over twenty years.

Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and received his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Matthew has taught general and child/developmental psychology to undergraduate students in Berkeley, California. He has also provided training and supervision for other mental health staff and utilizes a variety of cutting-edge therapeutic interventions with his clients. Matthew enjoys helping his clients to overcome personal and interpersonal challenges and to awaken their intuition and self-actualize...

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